• FREE Retinal Screening & HbA1c

    FREE Retinal Screening & HbA1c

    Free retinal screening and hba1c test done here at the Diabetes Association of Jamaica. Come out and tell a friend.





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  • Retinal Screening

    Retinal Screening

    At The Diabetes Assocation of Jamaica we now offer Retinal Screening for all patients whether Diabetic, Hypertensive or known history of high Cholesterol. 

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  • Diabetes Association Shows It Cares

    Diabetes Association Shows It Cares

    KINGSTON — Have you been excessively hungry, tired or thirsty lately? Have you also been experiencing frequency of urination, blurred vision and/or unexplained weight loss?

    These could very well be symptoms of the lifestyle disease, Diabetes Mellitus, which has been categorized as one of the leading causes of deaths,...